St Margaret's Church, Burnage ‚Äč

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Remembrance Service

This year marks 100 years since the end of hostilities on November 11th 1918 in a war which claimed the lives of millions of people. Once again we can look back to remember all those men who gave their lives so that we might be free. They deserve to be remembered and it is good that we pause, if only for a few minutes, to remember them.

'From the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.'

St Margaret's Remembrance service starts at 10.30 on Sunday 11/11/2018 and we will pause to remember soldiers who have died in the First World War and the many conflicts since.

As we look back we also remember Jesus who gave His life; He died upon a cross and rose again so that we could all be free. Come and join us.